Biblical Stewardship is SO much more than how we handle our finances. At its core, Biblical Stewardship is learning to know and embrace God’s unique calling for your life.

Experience the joy of a life lived in absolute harmony with God’s incredible plan for using us in this world, and enjoy the fruit of a life lived according to God’s eternal wisdom!

The Stewardship Study Bible

Called to Manage on God’s Behalf

“Stewardship” has become a dirty word in many Christian circles, having become code for a charitable appeal. But that narrow use of the word misses the rich beauty of true Biblical Stewardship.

The Stewardship Study Bible (NIV) offers readers a robust set of commentary, real-life stories, and tools for application that go way beyond rules, getting to the very heart of God’s plan.

This comprehensive study of how God has placed us in charge of his resources and plan for the world is both illuminating and practical. Discover the seven purposes of Biblical Stewardship, including Unique Calling, Unquestionable Character, Unquenchable Compassion, Undying Commitment, Unending Celebration, Unparalleled Commission, and Unwavering Conformity.

You’ll never read the Bible the same way again.

Praise for the Stewardship Study Bible

This comprehensive source opens the door for a year-round study that can lead to more maturity among all stewardship leaders.

This includes a perspective that looks at stewardship as a major life theme for those who are faithful disciples.

– Jerry Hoffman
Director of the Center for Stewardship Leadership, Luther Seminary

Too many Christians hold their Bible in one hand and their checkbook in the other, never bringing the two together. What a tragedy!

The Stewardship Study Bible bridges that gap and shows you how to apply God’s Word to your whole life — money and all!

– Dave Ramsey
New York Times bestselling author and radio talk show host

Stewardship Philosophy

The Stewardship Council provided direct oversight for the creation of the Stewardship Study Bible, serving these core principles::

  • Our commitment to develop maturing Christian stewards first and foremost
  • Our intent to not contribute to the proliferation and perpetuation of secular fundraising techniques under the guise of ‘stewardship’.
  • Our intent to cultivate available resources and networks to participate in and galvanize within a movement of God toward effective stewardship.

About The Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council was formed from the vision of a group of Christian thinkers, doers, and leaders to cultivate a movement of deeper understanding of God’s plan for his people as stewards of his creation.

Recognizing the central importance of God’s Word in uncovering God’s design, the council commissioned the development of the Stewardship Study Bible, a 5-year project drawing on the collective wisdom of faithful Christians devoted to living as God’s servants, past and present.

Today, the Stewardship Council works to foster partnerships with Christian individuals and organizations with a vision for recapturing God’s bigger plan for every sphere of life. Currently, the Stewardship Council is overseeing a Summer 2016 release of the updated Stewardship Study Bible.

The Stewardship Study Bible has been endorsed by Crown Ministries, Dave Ramsey, Good $ense ministries, the Barnabas Foundation, Prison Fellowship, and various other programs and ministries.

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